What Does Real IMPACT Do?

We Change People’s Lives!

And we want to make YOU a STAR Real Estate Investor!

Can You Imagine

  • Being your own boss?
  • Being debt free?
  • Having extra money?
  • Setting your own schedule?
  • Receiving BIG tax breaks?
  • The prestige of owning property?
  • Receiving appreciation from people you have helped?

Are You Familiar with The Royal Flush of Real Estate Investing?

  • Leverage
  • Inflation
  • Revenue Production
  • Tax Advantages
  • The Power of Compound Interest

Leverage – The Geek Philosopher, Archimedes once said “Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it and I shall move the world.“   Leverage allows you to control a $100,000.00 property with as little as $10,000.00.  When you mix leverage with just a 3% Inflation your $20,000.00 investment just grew by 20%, a return difficult to find with other investments.

Inflation – U.S. Median Housing Costs in the in 1940’s was $2,000.00.  By the 1970’s it had jumped to $23,000.00 and by 2007 it was over $150,000.00. People will always need a place to live and real estate will always hold value.  History shows that real estate always has been and always will be a good investment.

Revenue Production – Wouldn’t it be nice if you could borrow $10,000.00 – put it into the stock market and then take that stock and rent it out to so that the rent would more than cover your loan payments.  That may sound ridiculous–but it’s done every day with real estate.

Tax Advantages – Most governments love real estate investors and give them tax advantages to prove it.  Even thought home prices may go up in a given year, in most cases the owners are allowed to take a tax deduction for the depreciation of that same home.  There are also deductions for repairs, taxes paid, interest, and the list goes on and on.

The Power of Compound Interest – Albert Einstein called Compound Interest “The 8th Wonder of the World.” Would rather have a thousand dollars a day for a month or a penny a day, doubled for a month.  The thousand a day would net you $31,000 in January but the penny a day doubled daily would net you $5,368,708.80.  That’s just one example of the power of compound interest.  By reinvesting the profits from your investments, you can receive similar results in just a few short years.

Steps To Success

Do You Want To:

  • Become a SUCCESSFUL RE Investor?
  • Have help getting started?
  • Learn to find profitable properties?
  • Make GREAT PROFIT on your next deal?
  • Overcome your fears?
  • Know where the money will come from?
  • Make your RE Investing Business take off!?

“One good mentor could be more informative than a college education and more valuable than a decade’s income.”

— Sean Stephenson

Have You Considered:

1. Legal Liabilities?

2. Taxes Ramifications?

3. Determining true property values?

4. Estimating repair costs?

5. The safe and profitable offer amount?

6. Where to find deals, money, forms and help?

Learning on your own could cost a fortune and take many years!
Why take that risk when Real IMPACT is here to help and guide you!!!

Your Real IMPACT Mentor Will:

  • Teach and Encourage You 
  • Help You set workable goals and give You a Plan reach them
  • Identify Your weaknesses and turn them into strengths
  • Provide Continuous Support and Positive Feedback  
  • Hold You Accountable!
  • Keep You on track and focused!  
  • Make sure that You don’t make costly mistakes
  • Show You the shortcuts and how to avoid the pitfalls
  • Save Your valuable time and a lot of money 


Why Do I Need A Mentor?

A true Mentor will encourage you every step of the way, working with you, explaining and directing you toward the dreams you desire.  The right Teacher will help you identify your weaknesses and teach you to turn them into strengths.

A good Mentor will:

  • Observe what you are doing wrong and show you how to correct them.
  • Provide continuous support, positive feedback and a specific plan that leads to success.
  • Provide the constructive criticism needed to turn your dreams into reality.

Having a good coach is very effective, because the right coach will hold you accountable to the promises you’ve made to yourself.  By being required to report your progress to your Coach and Mentor each week, your chances of improvement will skyrocket! The right person will keep you on track and make you stay focused!  They will make sure that your goals will not get lost in the shuffle of your everyday life.

Trying to figure everything out on your own, may seem like a good idea but, in truth, you are only lengthening the time it will require you to succeed.  It is a much better idea to learn from someone who has already accomplished what you are trying to achieve.  You will avoid the costly mistakes and frustrations that they have already experienced!  A Mentor will save your valuable time and lot of money.

Have you experienced life getting in the way of your dreams?  Have you started something with enthusiasm just to have “things” get in your way?  If so, you probably need a good Mentor.  Finding that right Coach, Mentor and Friend can quickly get you back on the track to becoming successful and realizing those dreams.  

All successful people know the importance of learning from someone who knows the shortcuts and pitfalls on the road to success.  There is always someone who has been there and who has experienced the mistakes. Someone who can and will quickly guide you along your pathway to Success!!


Meet the Real IMPACT All-Pro Team

Dennis Henson


  • 2020 is Dennis’ 52nd year Investing in Real Estate
  • Holds a Masters and Bachelors Degree in Education
  • Is considered an Expert in All Areas of Single Family Investing
  • Has been involved in 1,000’s of RE Transactions
  • Started Training Students in 2004 (16 years)
  • His Students are some of the Most Successful Investors in Texas
  • His Training was rated 1 of the top 2 in the USA by Dr. Albert Lowry
  • His REIA was the Largest Meetup of its kind in the World

Roger Paschal


  • Lifelong Texan, Raised on 4,000 acre, Central TX Ranch
  • Started an auto parts distribution company at age 16
  • Ran a Newspaper and Owned a number of Businesses
  • TV, Stage, and Movies Actor, Author, Speaker, and Entrepreneur
  • Real Estate Investor, REI Group Leader and Mentor
  • Licensed Texas Realtor, The Paschal Group
  • Expert in all areas of Single Family Investing
  • 2020-21 Governor Rotary District 5790 North Central Texas

Guaranteed Results!!

Only Real IMPACT Training Program
offers this kind of guarantee!

Guarantee – A qualified Mentee may receive a refund – if he or she did not have the opportunity, within one year, to purchase Real Estate that (when sold at market values) would have generated profits sufficient to cover their training fee, had they chosen to purchase the property. To qualify the Mentee must have paid for and attended thirteen lessons, completed all assignments and attained and posted their weekly goals.

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose


  • All of our programs are affordable
  • Financing is available
  • ONE Successful Real Estate Transaction will pay for your training
  • Just ONE good rental home will cover your payments
  • You have SO MUCH TO GAIN!!

Real IMPACT Training Packages

Training Site

Access to the following training modules:

  • Articles
  • Audios
  • E-books
  • Glossary
  • Podcasts
  • Power Points
  • Scripts
  • Forms Videos
  • Apps guidance
  • Software guidance
  • Objections
  • Folders and Checklist
  • PDF’s and Documents
  • Suggested Reading
  • Business Directory
  • Contract Clauses

Exclusive Consulting Program


  • 3 Months Consulting in person, phone and email
  • 4 Months Real IMPACT Training site
  • Free Mastermind Meetings, All locations for 1 year.

Starter Wholesale Program


  • 4 One-on-One Bi-Weekly lessons
  • Field trip to 1 property
  • 4 Months of Real IMPACT Training Site
  • A Training Manual
  • Free Master Mind Meetings, all locations
  • Exclusive follow up phone & email consulting for 90 days
  • “The Seven Secrets of Success in REI” CDs/MP3
  •  Two Additional REI Training CD’s/MP3
  • Wealth of Knowledge E-Books
  • Master Mind & Elite Meetings
  • Book by Dennis Henson (when published)
  • Book “Subject 2” by Roger Paschal (when published)

Gold Mentoring Program


  • 12 One-on-One weekly Advanced Training
  • 3 Field Trips with IMT
  • Exclusive Consulting Program
  • 12 Months of Real IMPACT Training Site
  • Training Manual
  • Three REI Training CD Packs
  • “The Seven Secrets of Success in REI” CDs
  • Wealth of Knowledge E-Books
  • Master Mind Meetings
  • Phone and E-mail Access
  • Book by Dennis Henson (when published)
  • Book “Subject 2” by Roger Paschal (when published)

Week 1 — Getting the Most from your Mentoring Program
Week 2 — Setting Goals and Criteria
Week 3 — Putting together a great team
Week 4 — 66 Ways to find great deals
Week 5 — Where to find the Money
Week 6 — Preparing Offers & Your Real Estate Business Plan
Week 7 — Time Management

Week 8 — Making “Multiple Offers” & Negotiating Deals
Week 9 — Auctions, HUD’s, VA’s, REO, Tax
Week 10 — 5 M’s of Real Estate Investing

Week 11 — Rehabbing, Marketing &
Week 12 — Smart Property Management

Advanced Training

For the Past Real IMPACT Gold Investors


  • One Module Training
  • Pick from over 80 specialized
  • One-on-One in person Training
  • Two Sessions with Trainer

*All Program Options terms are subject to change without notice.

Only Real IMPACT Training:

Has local mentors

Is taught by a successful Real Estate Investors

Is always One-on-One, not over phone

Can hold you accountable and keep you on track

Will give you the exact training you want and need

Is VERY affordable and CAN BE financed

And only REAL IMPACT offers a guarantee!!

Real IMPACT Allows you to:

  • Choose the training that fits your specific needs
  • Set your own goals
  • Build a stairway to your goals
  • Learn exactly what to do, who to see and what to say
  • Stay accountable

Real IMPACT is affordable and financeable!

What are You Willing To Do?

Today you can take the first step to SUCCESS!!

How much do you want to reach your dreams?
Are you willing to take the steps that lead to success?

Opportunities like this may not come along again!

Real IMPACT has a Proven System

Don’t put your dreams on hold!

“You’d be surprised to see my list, 

Of countless deals that others missed; 


Of Goldmines they had in their grasp,  

they should have closed, but let slip past; 


Those treasures that I gladly bought,  

while sundry paused and overthought. 


They thought of this, and thought of that,  

And some were sure they smelled a rat; 


But, while they mulled things over twice,  

I snatched their deals up at my price; 


Investors often hesitate,  

then place their offers; that’s too late; 


So if you want to be like me,  

Good speculation is the key! 

When Kansas was a place to buy,  

I hardly even had to try; 


When Vegas was just desert land,  

I bought a great big pile of sand; 


Now Dallas, Texas, that’s my spot!” 

 I jumped in there and bought a lot. 


Those great investments they missed then,  

They’re sure, will never come again. 


Today they cannot be enticed;  

For “Real Estate is overpriced!” 


The deals of years gone by aren’t dead;  

the market’s hot, so move ahead. 


At times a teardrop fills my eye,  

for those who look, but never buy! 

Lets do this together!!

Now is The Time!!

This is Your Chance!!!

Thank You for taking Your time to learn about Real IMPACT!!

We are excited about the possibility of working with you!!